Paris Pediatric

So what makes us different from other agencies?

In a word, "Passion." We love our jobs  and we love children. Seeing the joy in a parent's eye when we've made a difference in a child's life is priceless.

We have quickly become a frequent source when health care providers and support staff are needing to make a recommendation to parents and caregivers for their child's medical needs.

In fact, not only do physicians and other providers often refer our services, but also parents via word-of-mouth, when one parent reaches out to another for assistance.

The only way to keep this level of referral is by providing top-notch, quality care and compassion with every client.

Together, let's give your child the care they deserve.

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The Paris Pediatric Passion

Paris Pediatric Services

Paris Pediatric Home Health Care is a licensed home health agency that specializes in children with unique medical needs. Our qualified, compassionate nurses excel in top-notch health care for your child.

We are also provider for several disability care programs. If your child has a disability they may qualify for a financial or care program. Call us today to learn more!

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