Paris Pediatric

Paris Pediatric Home Health is here for you and your child!  

We focus on the assessment, management, support education and coordination of care for your child. In order to achieve these goals, we firmly believe in working as a team with the parents, health care providers, pharmacy, and most importantly, the children.

If you need simple home care instruction, or a complex ventilator setup, we are here for you. We also proudly provide Child Education Advocate services within the school districts.

• Premature and High-risk Infants
• Wound Care
• Airway and Breathing Problems
• Neuromuscular Disorders
• Pulmonary Disease
• Feeding (Including G-tube and J-tube)
• Cardiac Disease
• Seizure and other Neurological Disorders
• Diabetes
• Patients requiring a Ventilator
• Post-Surgical Care
• And many other conditions . . .

Call us today, let's give your child the care they deserve. 

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Paris Pediatric Services

Paris Pediatric Programs

We are a provider for:

  • CCP - Comprehensive Care Program
  • MDCP - Medically Dependent Children Program
  • PCS - Primary Care Services
  • CSHCN - Children with Special Health Care Needs

If your child has a disability, they may qualify for a program that can help them financially and/or provide care for their special needs.

We also accept Medicaid, Private Pay, and most Health Insurance plans.

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